Coltman Street 'Village' project.

Coltman street 'Village' street party 2005

7th Annual Street party - Saturday September 3rd

NOTE: new date, now on Saturday to allow the Wardens to be involved with the fair.

There will be stalls, refreshment and entertainments as usual.

This is the day each year when we celebrate a sense of community and we try to do something for eachother, as well as to change the image of Coltman street for the better. Each year the burden of organising/paying for this day has been borne by just a very few residents and landlords, and one or two shops. If you would like to see the Party carry on/get better please consider organising an event yourself. Also please consider making an effort to make sure your property/home looks it’s best for the day. Perhaps even think about making the week before your ‘spring cleaning’ week!

We even have people coming from the other side of the world to discover their Coltman street roots! If you want to get involved please email us.

This year’s theme will be ‘IDENTITY’ Among other events there will be a history display around the theme of the two world wars and especially our very own SPY! If you have any historical info please call 212504. More details soon....................

Did you think Archives were dusty, dry boring places full of dusty dry boring people? Well they really aren’t . The Hull city Archives are like a box full of jigsaw pieces, some of which are in the right boxes and some of which you just have to stumble across. Solving the puzzles of your family history, or the history of your street is like putting together a jigsaw nobody has ever seen before! The staff are helpful and really seem to get as excited about the story of our street as we do. Just to prove it the very ‘un-dusty’ Dave and Carol from the Archives have offered to come to the street Party and put on an exhibition to show us some of the photos and information we’ve never seen before, and to show the kind of fascinating information that’s available at the archives. If you’re interested in the work that the archives do, if you are tracing your family history or the history of your home or street, this is a must see!

Fire Engine! This one’s stopping to show you what the fire service does and giving information on fire safety. The kids will love it.

In 2004 there was music from ???, stalls and face painting ...

Food, events and local characters ...

and street magic, fancy dress and a mystical mexican. More on the theme of identity this year - get dressed up or disguised and join in!

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