Landlords/agents who own and manage properties in the area. .


In order to improve the image of our street we must tackle the problems we now have from as many directions as possible. We have had positive responses from all council departments and many small problems such as street lighting and paving have aready been tackled and sorted out. The environmental health department have been particularly helpful, especially during our clean up weekends. In the past there has been a tendancy towards mistrust for obvious reasons. But mistrust is one of the causes of the street’s present predicament. There have been many mistakes made in the past but it is now time before it’s too late to score a line under these mistakes and stop blaming the council/the police/the landlords and ask instead that they become our partners in the streets real regeneration.

Tenants want to know that their landlords care. They want security and comfort at a reasonable price. Landlords make a living from renting out their properties. Any initiative we ask them to be part of must improve their chances of doing so. This is not to say that there are not open hearted people within these groups, we have already met several but we must be realistic. With realism we will achieve our goals in the form of a win-win situation. Any other approach is doomed to failure.

Although it is quite natural for there to be some apathy in a street that has such an ‘interesting’ history, we now invite people to THINK AGAIN.

What do we want ? To live in a neighbourhood which is friendly, attractive and free from fear, To foster a community spirit.

How can Landlords help us? By striving to put tennants into your properties who are sympathetic to and wish to aim for similar goals.

By:- Making sure that the frontages of your properties are kept clean, tidy and welcoming. Absent landlords who do not do this are our greatest problem and do themselves no favours. Why not consider, converting some of your property back to larger units? at the moment it is difficult to find good tennants in the single person category and there are too many one bedroom flats lying empty

If you can't keep your houses full and are considering selling, you might find that you get more for selling your house as a potential family home. Please tell us if you are selling and we will try to find a buyer for you. We know several people who are interested. Selling on to property speculators does not make financial sense!

Where possible installing security devices such as security deadlocks (especially to downstairs flats) these are cheap and highly effective in slowing down any intruder until the police have been called. They are especially effective used in conjunction with alarm systems.

Closed circuit television cameras. We already have some down the street. The more there are the more likely that the streets image will improve. even a ‘dummy’ helps as it makes the public more aware that something is being done. Perhaps installing a simple working camera (e.g.£90 from B&Q) and leaving it up to your tennants whether they wish to monitor it.

Alley Gates. Since this letter was originally written the Neighbourhood Watch has organised the gating off of many alleyways with snap to lock gates, handing out keys to immediate users of the alleyways..

Straight away you can put stickers up at the front and back windows of all of your unoccupied properties. You can also ask all your tenants to put a sticker up. Some may refuse. (You can draw your own conclusions)The Neighbourhood Watch group will provide welcome packs and stickers. Contact them through Mr Hamilton at 2 Cranford, 121 Coltman street, Hull. HU3 2SF or email us at and we will pass your request on.

By actively taking up references for prospective tennants. For inter-area movers check the state of their previous homes. Persistant problem tenants can often be identified this way saving you a great deal of trouble! Make cetain properties now empty guaranteed (as far as possible) drug and alcohol abuser free. This will reassure tennants that moving into the property is worth the risk.

By giving each of your new tenants a welcome pack. This could include the address of this website, community newsletters & Neighbourhood Watch information, (available from R Hamilton 2 Cranford, Coltman street) as well as information about what services they can expect from you.

By keeping the fronts of your properties tidy and welcoming, perhaps providing nets curtain rails and curtains for front windows. Perhaps encouraging new tennants to take responsibility for garden areas. Maybe giving a small wage to your tenants who take this on.

By joining the landlords Association. We realise that many landlords already take great care of their tenants and those we would like to thank for their continuing belief in the street. We would like to encourage more of you into taking some small steps towards a larger initiative. By including every single house, it's landlord if appropriate and a recent picture It will soon become obvious who is not taking their responsibilities seriously. You have been asked nicely!

How can we help you?
If you are unable to keep the fronts of your properties tidy because of your location please tell us. We may be able to arrange a gardener for you or as a last resort we'll clean up your fronts ourselves in return for a donation to the Neighbourhood Watch group. The chances are we've probably already done this several times and you already owe the group a generous donation!

When a property becomes vacant you can let us know through either your local co- ordinator, the chairman or secretary. We will then keep an eye on your property (in a spirit of co-operation and as far as we are able) and inform you if there are any problems such as vandalism, littering/tipping squatting etc. In order to do this we will need your phone number and we will try not to ‘pester’you or pass on your number if you ask us not to do so. Just tell us what level of help/support you would like. we will introduce you to your local co-ordinator and you can discuss your needs with him/her.

We can positively advertise your properties as ‘To Let’ through this website, and through local information agencies, possibly to encourage an open day when you are prepared to put one or two of your properties ‘on show’. We can also call upon the press and radio etc, particularly appealing to sectors who are sympathetic to our/your aims and prepared to be part of or not averse to a socially aware community. These types of people should also be by and large more likely to respect your property, pay their rent and ultimately become part of a community in which your property becomes more valuable and sought after.

In order to appeal to these people we do have to have your support, a partnership for the good of the whole. A community where we can cope with, rather than be dragged down by those groups who in the past we have seen as ‘the problem’.